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2575_70857073016_7088868_nThe Taxaholic website is maintained by Luke de Freitas, a tax consultant based in the Barbados office of the largest global International Tax Consulting practice. He regularly advises multinationals with operations throughout the Caribbean, and is a specialist in international tax matters with a specific interest in the application of tax treaties. He holds a degree in Law from the University of London, where for two years he served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Queen Mary Law Journal. He holds an Advanced Masters in Law with a specialization in International Taxation from the International Tax Center of the University of Leiden (Netherlands).

His postgraduate thesis titled “Are we ready for an International Tax Court?” discusses the necessity for an impartial body to act as judiciary or mediator for transparently resolving  disputes relating to those international agreements that create tax obligations between nations. His academic interests therefore lie broadly within the sphere of international tax, but specifically in dispute resolution in light of the rapidly changing global landscape resulting from the implementation of the internationally agreed tax standard pioneered by the OECD.

This website is a personal collection of bulletins and commentary in respect of major international tax developments. Nothing on this site is tax advice, nor should it be considered tax advice, or indeed any other kind of advice, legal or otherwise.

Luke de Freitas, LL.B(Hons.), Adv. LL.M


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